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Linza agency
We tell stories and communicate progressive ideas through visual instruments. Our focus is helping cool brands to implement innovations and make this world a better place.
we facilitate quality scaling of businesses and startups

help partners to communicate the ideas of their projects with striking stories

experiment with fresh forms of communications: gamification. digital web series or docu-series in social media, documentary promo.
what we do?
online courses
we'll create immersive educational content which helps to easily explain and absorb the material, whereas a nice and beautiful presentation will form an emotional bond and stimulate the desire to learn!
What could be more universal and effective? Colorful, multidimensional images are made to leave a lasting impression! And animated graphics can explain complex data and ideas in a way that even children understand.
gamification projects
do you want to create an interactive experience to immerse the audience in the process, to let it feel the product from inside, or to simply entertain? we will make a gamification project or whole video game that brings a way to interact directly with your idea and build a strong relationship with the player.
promo videos
how to imprint your idea in the audience's mind in 10 seconds? you need a striking promo video that will reveal the essence and attract your audience in an apt, appetizing and neat way.
documentary promo videos
does your work make the world a better place and raise important issues? We are ready to dive deeply in your activity and create an emotional film which will not only best explain what you do, but also become instrumental for positive change in society.
social media content
We can become your reliable partner in implementation of SMM-strategy, or an indispensable assistant in the striking content management of your communication strategy.
We offer a full set of services — from developing creative to realization of the product in social media. After all, you can only get a real result with a comprehensive approach.
how does it work?
you write to us
or call, or send a pigeon post
we have a briefing, a brief 'getting-to-know each other' meeting to clearly understand you, making notes all the way
we write a task for the job which requires your approval — detailing budget and timeline, and we fix our agreement in the contract
we work out the idea, create moodboards, write a script, draw a storyboard
we do the filming. draw illustrations. All is brought for your approval
we agree on the draft cut, adding sound design, color-correction, animation
we can do a single creative project or plan and develop an extensive communication campaign, SMM-strategy according to the goals of your brand or project
what do our clients say?
who are LINZA
Les Yakymchuk
founder & CPO
Iryna Shostak
CEO & brand mom
Kateryna Pronko
BizDev manager
Kateryna Pavliv
BizDev manager & producer
Maria Humeniuk
Natalia Yermak
Michael Scofield
director of photography
Anastasiia Bobrakova
Yuliia Plevako
motion designer
Ihor Odarchenko
accountant manager
Max Romaniuk
financial manager
we are trusted
Linza - focus on your story!
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